Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bitizens - Free App

I will be covering a free app from the Apple App Store everyday (or as close to daily as possible). This is for all those who own an iOS device and couldn't be bothered to dish out 99 cents for Angry Birds.

Today's free app is Tiny Tower. Tiny Tower is a mini-sim, in which you build residential/commercial floors and control (not directly) tower inhabitants called Bitizens. It's a good time waster with no particular goal, other than to keep building. The fun is in the details. You assign jobs to your Bitizens based on their stats/skill level (clever little system) and keep the business floors in your tower stocked and manned. Below is a snapshot of the game:

To the left you will see an elevator shaft. You actually control that elevator using onscreen buttons, carrying Bitizens or their visitors to whichever floor pops up above their head. In between ferrying regular Bitizens you occasionally get "VIP" Bitizens that have special abilities (moving in Bitizens en masse to a residential floor, speeding up restocking/construction times). Again, no particular goal, but a good time waster of a mobile game. Download it at the Apple App Store on your iOS device, in the Free Apps section (Yes!).

Still itching to play Angry Birds but want to go the free route? Never fear! If you have an Android device or use the Google Chrome Browser, you can download Angry Birds ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!
The most popular mobile game is fair payment for collection of your personal data no? Of course it is.
Download it now at the Android Marketplace place or Google Chrome's  Web Store, and as always...

Enjoy, and live free!

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  1. Dude, no joke I play this all the time on my Galaxy S2. I got it a few weeks ago, love it. I'm at 50 floors!