Saturday, February 25, 2012

Box offers 50GB FREE Cloud Storage for Android and iOS users

The makers of the cloud storage application Box are offering 50GB (which would usually cost you $19.99) to new registrants and users of the app. The Box app is available in both the Android Market and Apple App Store. If you are familiar with Dropbox, another cloud storage application, Box is alike in both form and functionality.

To get your 50GB all you have to do is download the App to your respective device, register with your email, and you'll receive a confirmation message.

Check your settings while in the app to ensure you have the 50GB of storage.

I registered with both my gmail AND hotmail, so I have a total of 100GB cloud storage available, albeit split between two different accounts, it's still useful. I use Dropbox to sync important files across my devices, but I never have enough space to do backups, so I will be using Box to fulfill that need.

This promotion is a limited time offer and ends March 23rd, 2012, so get it while you can.

Hope some of you find this useful, and as always,

Enjoy, and live free!


  1. 50 gb free? It looks really good

  2. Thanks for info, really usefull!

  3. for free? omg this is awesome!

  4. I'm planing to sign a contract with the mobile company so that I can use unlimited internet bandwidth. We don't have too much wifi's here so this is going to be great... Tnx!